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Some people considering a purchase of commercial real estate have the mistaken belief that the process of purchasing commercial property is just like purchasing residential property.  While there are more than a few similarities, much more diligence is required by the purchaser of commercial real estate.  Buyers of commercial real estate often need quality legal consultation on a variety of issues, ranging from shielding from personal liability to ensuring that the property that they hope to purchase is physically and legally suitable for the intended uses.  The real estate professionals at Turnkey Title, are equipped to provide you with smart and efficient representation that will enable you to confidently close on commercial real estate.

Aside from the standard title and escrow services for your commercial real estate transaction, the real estate professionals at Turnkey Title can provide assistance through the entire purchase process, whether you will need to form a business entity prior to your purchase, have drafted a unique purchase agreement that is exclusive to your transaction, or address applicable zoning and building restrictions that are either in place or will be put in place as a condition of your purchase.  Turnkey Title can help you complete your commercial transaction from start to finish in a timely, efficient manner.

In addition to our full-service offerings, our real estate professionals are more than happy to provide our professional expertise to you on an as-needed basis.  For more information on how Turnkey Title can help you complete your commercial real estate transaction, contact one of our real estate professionals today.


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