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Prospecting for Realtors: The Power of Video


BLOG - Prospecting for Realtors

For many Realtors, prospecting means reaching out to their sphere of influence, attending networking events, or "dialing for dollars." However, the idea of prospecting often makes them uneasy and the idea of video prospecting makes them even more uneasy. If you're uncomfortable with prospecting or creating video content, it's important to find a solution. After all, your job as a Realtor is to help people buy and sell homes, right? But how do you generate interest and build your brand to attract clients? Our advice is to pick up the phone AND start creating video content. Video is the new way to prospect for real estate.

Video Sells for You

I often ask Realtors, "How many people do you want to be raving fans of you as a Realtor?" Their answer is usually "as many as possible." Great! But how will you make that happen? They typically mention direct mail or phone calls, but they don't consider creating Instagram reels or shooting videos for YouTube. Online video content is the quickest way to reach the masses or your intended audience. Our goal in the Title business is to help people know, like, and trust us before we ever meet. Video is an excellent way to increase the chances of building a relationship with potential clients.

Video IS Prospecting

The difference with video is that it's "reverse prospecting." People discover or opt-in to watch your content, and your database or target audience builds credibility with you as they watch and learn. They convert themselves into potential clients through your educational video content. Imagine taking that aspect of your business away. It limits your visibility and credibility, and makes it more difficult to prospect in other ways. Those other methods take up more time and you lose leverage.

Where To Post Videos
Thankfully, there are many platforms to post video content. Instagram and YouTube are two favorites. Instagram is the king of visual content for social media (currently). It's a great way to get shorter-form video content in front of your followers by using Stories and Reels. YouTube is more macro as it's on a platform owned by Google, and you can reach people all over the US and world with the right content.

Video Content Ideas
If you're looking for video content ideas, ask your sphere what videos you should create or consider the most common questions your clients ask. Create video content about that! Set a goal to shoot at least one video a week when you're starting. By the end of the year, you'll have made 52 videos. With that amount of content prospecting for you on various platforms, you will start to see inbound leads that turn into clients.

Client Testimonials: Create videos that feature satisfied clients who have purchased or sold a property through your services. These videos can be a powerful tool in building trust and credibility with potential clients.

Neighborhood Guides: Produce videos that showcase the surrounding area of a property, highlighting local amenities, attractions, and landmarks. This can help potential buyers or renters get a better sense of the community they would be joining.

Industry Insights: Share your expertise and insights on the real estate industry through video content. This can include market trends, tips for buyers and sellers, and other news and developments.

Behind the Scenes: Give viewers a behind-the-scenes look at your day-to-day work as a realtor. This can include footage of property viewings, meetings with clients, and other aspects of the job that potential clients may find interestin

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